Submission Guidelines
Friday, 22 January 2010 00:00    E-mail
Guidelines for freelance submissions to Earth Odyssey

Familiarize yourself with Earth Odyssey before querying. Past issues are available on our Web site at We do not send free issues to potential freelancers. We do not pay for submissions.

Send queries and submissions to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Make appropriate use of the e-mail subject line and start with a brief query. Tell us what you’d like to write about and why we should run the story. Tell us why you’re the right person to do the article. No phone calls please.

We accept articles only from the original author.

We do not publish syndicated articles. All submitted articles must be 100 percent unique and published only by Earth Odyssey.

By submitting content, you acknowledge that you own the copyright, are legally authorized to assign the work for publication, and give Pinon Pine Press LLC permission to publish.

We are looking for well-written, interesting articles. We evaluate submissions based on content, structure, punctuation and grammar.

Writers must always keep the Earth Odyssey mission in mind when writing: We are an educational guide to sustainability and spiritual well-being. That means contributions MUST keep with our intent by providing educational information to live more sustainably and/or thought-provoking writing that encourages each of us to enrich our spiritual well-beings either through soul-searching, meditation, communing with nature, etc. The Earth Odyssey mission must be the heart of your writing, not just window dressing.

Content needs to serve our readers, not primarily the author. Articles need to provide helpful content, not be sales copy for the author’s services and/or products.

Articles should be written in a journalistic style that is easily understood by all. Unfamiliar terms, scientific language and jargon should be avoided or explained. We are not interested in strident, opinionated writing. Earth Odyssey is NOT an "advocacy" magazine.

Tone and style should be conversational and not too academic. Articles need to provide information for the reader, giving insights into ideas, discoveries, practices and traditions related to living sustainably and spiritually.

Articles should be between 300-2,500 words (or, occasionally, more—if it’s really that interesting). High-resolution photos should accompany longer stories.

Profanity, racism, off-color humor and negative comments regarding any group are not allowed. We’re interested in publishing positive, uplifting articles that help people in practical ways.

Articles should be submitted via e-mail in typed form, preferably in MS Word. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, brevity, clarity and tone.

Please include a photo and a few sentences about yourself for the brief "author bio" we include in our contributors section.