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Carla Woody


Carla Woody is the author of the books “Standing Stark” and “Calling Our Spirits Home” and documentary film “One World Wisdom.” In 1999 she founded Kenosis LLC, an organization based in Prescott, Arizona, to support human potential through workshops and spiritual travel opportunities.

She leads retreats internationally sharing an integration of NLP, subtle energy work and world sacred traditions, with a special emphasis on the mysticism of the Andes. Since 1992 she has worked with individuals and groups in areas of transition, relationships, spirituality and whole health. In 2007, Carla founded Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a nonprofit organization working to preserve Indigenous wisdom traditions. See and

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Lili DeBarbieri

LiliDeBarbieri-web2Lili DeBarbieri is a freelance writer specializing in travel, environmental issues and wildlife. Lili’s writing and photography have appeared in dozens of publications in the United States and abroad, including Terrain Magazine, Earth Island Journal, Preservation, Alabama Living and E/The Environmental Magazine. She has more than five years experience working, studying, volunteering and traveling extensively throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and the Americas. Based in Arizona, she is a frequent contributor to the Tucson Green Times and contributing editor of Ethical Traveler.

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Marinah Valenzuela Farrell

Marinah-Valenzuela-Farrell-web2wMarinah Valenzuela Farrell is a traditional midwife who honors the natural process of birthing and healing. Marinah learned the art of midwifery through traditional midwives, as well as working in birth centers, public hospitals in developing nations, formal education in the United States and, of course, the many mothers she has served in her home birth practice.

Marinah is licensed in Arizona and New Mexico and holds her National Certification. She is the mother of two wonderfulteenage girls who were born at home.

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Sally Jackson

SallyJackson-web2tSally Jackson is a fourth generation Arizonan who grew up in Sedona. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication from Arizona State University in 1989. Her career has included working for a variety of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the role of fundraising and community relations.

She is an active volunteer with several local nonprofits, including the Association of Fundraising Professionals-Northern Arizona Chapter and the Prescott Regulators and Their Shady Ladies. She is currently employed with West Yavapai Guidance Clinic, working closely with the Senior Peer Program (

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Theodore G. Manno

Theodore-web2wTheodore G. Manno (Ph.D., Biology, Auburn University) is a teacher and freelance writer based in Arizona. Manno’s scientific research includes scarlet macaws in Costa Rica, ground squirrels in Canada and prairie dogs in Utah.

Manno has published more than 30 scholarly works and magazine articles and his research has received national press in sources like Discovery News, Science News and New Scientist. He received his B.S. from Rider University in New Jersey while working as a jazz musician.

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Kimberley Paterson


Kimberley Paterson is a New Zealand based journalist, author and public relations specialist who has a deep passion for stories about visionary individuals, businesses and projects and anything to do with positive world change.

You can read more about her work on and

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Debra White

Debra-White-web2wDebra White is a freelance pet and environmental writer in Phoenix. A car accident on Jan. 6, 1994, left her with disabling injuries, thus ending her social work career.

She reinvented herself as a pet therapist, animal shelter volunteer and freelance writer. Debra volunteers with the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition, Arizona Animal Welfare League and the Grand Canyon chapter of the Sierra Club.

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Etan Doronne
Etan-web-150Etan Doronne is a native of Israel. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A) from Bezalel Design Academy in Jerusalem in 1996. He is a lecturer, educator, environmental artist and professional developer. Etan speaks English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and Hindi. He has backpacked through Egypt, Tanzania, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Britain, France, Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal and India. For more information about Etan, see
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Martin Klabunde

Martin-web-150Martin Klabunde is a light worker, cosmic walker and dance maker, who has more than 20 years of teaching, performance and class and workshop facilitation. Martin has been walking a shamanic and spiritual path since the age of 15, when his guides first appeared to him.

Through ritual, ceremony and visions Martin has been able to remain devoted and committed to a path of awakening through music and selfless service to others.

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Sharon Ehrlich

Sharon-web-150Sharon Ehrlich has always been interested in wildlife and conservation. She “stumbled upon” The Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center in 2005, attended an orientation and became a volunteer. She said that thanks to the support of the center director and the supervision of experienced volunteers she has learned how to do a little of everything at the Center—from the fun of working with the raptors and other animals and participating in educational programs to the more mundane but necessary tasks of cleaning cages, clinic work, food preparation, paperwork and fundraising.

“The satisfaction of watching a rehabilitated animal go back into the wild or knowing you helped someone understand the important part wildlife plays in our environment makes all my time and effort worth while,” she said.

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William (Wes) Ozier
wes-web-150William (Wes) Ozier is the Camassia Institute Director. Originally from Detroit, Wes is a LEED accredited professional. He was the program administrator for the Arcosanti Project for four years and the assistant director for the Ecosa Institute. In addition to educational and construction work at both Arcosanti and Ecosa, he has worked on a strawbale construction crew building the Mountain Meadows Permaculture Bio-Shelter, a two-story greenhouse, as well as four DIY scale “eco-machines” created by John Todd and a host of other DIY scale eco-design projects. E-mail Wes at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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