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True confessions from a novice recycler


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Me and recycling are not best friends. It is not on purpose; it just never crosses my mind. Also, I have never had a big reason to recycle other than it helps save the planet. Yes, that is a major reason, but I think “How much can I help by just putting this paper in the recycle bin rather than in the trash? ”I’ve never noticed how much a single per-son can change a huge number.

According to, the average American makes 4.2 pounds of trash daily! That means in a month we each produce 130 pounds of garbage, about the weight of a teen.

cow-web4If you add this all together, you get just about 1,460 pounds per year! About an average cow!

Still, this may seem like a small number when thinking about only yourself, but think about the population of Prescott. That’s a ton of cows…

Now, what if you had recycled?

According to multiple Internet sites, 70 percent of the objects in our trash can are recyclable! If you put this information into the average trash used per year information, each person would only have about 400 pounds of trash a year! That makes a lot fewer trash cows.

You, yourself, can help eliminate those trash cows. Encourage your business to start recycling more. If you see a friend throwing recyclables away, tell them to recycle it and help save the environment.

If you’re a kid, or have a kid, encourage his school to teach more about recycling. There is so much you can do! Just remember the three Rs:• Reduce• Reuse• RecycleTobias Hughes is an eighth-grader at Mile High Middle School in Prescott.



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