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Dominique Shilling, MAFA, is a counselor and astrologer with a practice in the Valley.

For an appointment, contact her at Way to the Light Within, 602-279-2941 or check out her Web site at

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Dominique takes an in-depth look at the stars

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The constellation of Pisces depicts two fish separate from each other and connected by a chain. This star pattern looks like a V tilted to one side.

One of the fishes is higher up than the other. They both seem to stretch from each other as if a chain is hooked to each of their tails. The place the chains meet is connected by a great and beautiful star called the Knot of the Tails.

This configuration has been widely associated with female deities. The ancient Babylo-nians recognized the Fishes as the goddesses Anunitum and Simmah.

The Syrians saw this group of stars as a representation of their goddess Ashtarte and frequently drew it as a woman’s head upon a fish’s body.

The Greeks adopted this identification, suggesting that the two Fishes represent Venus and her son Cupid. According to mythology, Venus and Cupid dived into a river and transformed themselves into fishes in order to escape the evil attack of monstrous Typhon.

The first century astrologer Manilius claimed that the Fishes were celebrated in the heavens for the transformation of Venus.

Retrograde planets

Mars started its backward motion on Dec. 20 at 19 degrees Leo. Its forward motion will resume again on March 10 at 0 Leo. Saturn is still in retrograde motion. It will move down from 2 to 0 degrees of Libra by month end.

Then on April 8, it will move into Virgo where it will stay until it starts moving forward again at 27 Virgo on May 29.

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Monthly horoscope from Dominique

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Pisces—February 20–March 20

Physical energy and vitality are yours now. You have an insight about some-thing that happened in the recent past. Trust your feelings about a friend. A gift is given to you. Rearrange or renew some-thing. The best is yet to come.

Aries—March 21–April 19

Venus in your sign could bring affection, admiration and/or a gift. A lot could be happening in the area of romance for you. Use your creativity to make some-thing or to solve a problem. Move for-ward. You will gain more understanding about romance within this year and next.

Taurus—April 20–May 20

You can make a dream come true. Some-one understands you better than you think. You get an opportunity to make things easier. Change in or around your home is possible in next two months. Lessons around your work can help you get farther ahead.

Gemini—May 22–June 21

Communication used effectively can help you get what you want. Career-related change could benefit you in the long run. New learning or ideas come easy now. A female friend could bring you luck or be helpful to you in some way.

Cancer—June 22–July 23

You gain more money and/or positive recognition. The key is that you are valued. A loved one communicates or sends message. Creative thinking is recognized and rewarded. Take care of yourself. Do something to improve your health.

Leo—July 24–August 23

Mars in your sign could have you feeling more energetic. Lessons learned around communication help you to attract more. Is there a mystery to solve? An unknown or secret could draw your attention. Solve the mystery by letting it be as is. Doing so will bring resolution more quickly.

Virgo—August 24–September 23

Lessons about money help you to improve your value to yourself and others. Partnerships are highlighted. Transformation is possible. You could be lucky in love. Try something new.

Libra—September 24–October 23

Saturn in your sign could help you to make improvements or just feel like torture. Take responsibility and do what you need to do to get what you want. Be good to yourself but know when enough is enough. Unusual happens at home. Work and health are important now.

Scorpio—October 24–November 22

Romance and creativity are highlighted. Doubts about money can be overcome now. Think positive and you will see more of the good things in your life. What you focus on expands. So, do count all of the good things and the wonderful people you know.

Sagittarius—November 23 –December 22

This can be a rewarding time for you. Work done in past pays off now. Some-thing that you have been wanting comes to you. Possible change around home. You may even want to initiate some of them yourself. Change is good and the stars are on your side.

Capricorn—December 23–January 20

Trust your intuitive knowingness. Stay away from taking chances with money or valuables this month. Communication from one you have not heard from lately is probable now. Enjoy your home and relax when you can. Next month will be busier.

Aquarius—January 21–February 19

Focus on all that is valuable in your life at this time. What you focus on expands. More things and situations that bring those good feelings will come to you. Trust your feelings. You will not have to look for the good things. They will find you.



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