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What are CAM therapies?

Download the entire article on alternative healing: 18-EO-Alternative_Healing.pdf

Whether you call it holistic, natural, alternative or complementary therapies, a huge number of treatments are available. These include:

• Acupuncture • Herbal medicine • Naturopathy • Nutritional therapy • Homeopathy

• Ayurveda • Traditional Chinese medicine • Hypnotherapy• Spiritual healing

• Chiropractic treatments • Osteopathy • Alexandra technique • Reiki • Touch for health

• Aura Soma • Bioelectromagnetic therapies • Aromatherapy • Massage • Flower essences

• Rebirthing • Maori medicine • Yoga • Meditation • Chelation therapies

One of the best ways to find a reliable practitioner is word-of-mouth. When visiting a holistic practitioner, don’tbe afraid to ask to see their relevant qualifications and ask what experience they’ve had treating people with your particular health issue. Most modalities have national associations that oversee practitioner qualifications.














Nicholas Beasley receives sound healing from Kelly McCabe. Sound has been used in healing since the beginning, from a purely auditory and also vibrational perspective. The original sound instruments were drums and rattles used in shamanic healing with, of course, the accompaniment of voice. Other spiritual traditions have their own unique sound instruments and practices, Tibetan singing bowls, for example, the harp, violin, flute, organs, etc. Today, music therapy is a respected healing discipline through which music therapists engage the multi-dimensional aspects of music (auditory, physical, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic and social, etc.) to promote healing and well-being.

Kelly McCabe and his wife Tessie, of Sacred Rites in Flagstaff , offer a unique form of sound healing with the Soundwave massage bed, developed under the brand name “Feeltone.” This unique instrument is comprised of an acoustically balanced reclining surface made of wood, with 40 strings (tuned to three octaves of the same note) on one side, and sound slits on the other to off er maximum resonance. Kelly is an accomplished musician and offers sound massage healing at Sacred Rites. He is also a distributor of the Soundwave bed and off ers a wide selection of musical and sound instruments for sale. For more information, see, or call 928-556-0018. (photo by Pia Wyer).
















Get your groove back, feel better and make better choices in your life this New Year. It’s been proven that meditation is good for you: It helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and to reduce anxiety. More and more people are finding that when they meditate, they learn to trust themselves more and make better choices. They are also less dependent on their situation or circumstance to feel good about themselves. Learn to meditate in just a few hours with Sarah McLean, the founder of the Sedona Meditation Training Co. Check out the meditation classes and self discovery retreats at or call 928-204-0067. (photo courtesy


Janet Eichorst is a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, a Karuna Reiki Master and has been trained in Shamanism. She teaches both Reiki and crystal gridding. During treatments, Janet uses the innate power of crystals and infuses them with healing energy so that her clients continually receive energy from the crystals, as well as from the energy Janet channels. This creates a unique opportunity for people to heal and transform. Janet has a natural gift for healing and uses her intuition and vision to tune into areas of the body and spirit that need attention. She can be reached at 928-710-1924 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (photo by Ann Haver-Allen).














Vibrational Realignment is a unique form of spiritual healing. By focusing on the emotional traumas and subconscious beliefs that are at the heart of our disease, Vibrational Realignment turns the feelings of pain and trauma into spiritual messages, messages which provide valuable clues about the real nature of our pain or illness. It is this focus on root cause rather than symptoms that explains the rapid and often seemingly miraculous results of Vibrational Realignment.  Michael Davis is the creator of Vibrational Realignment and writes a monthly column for Earth Odyssey. (photo by Ann  Haver-Allen).


















S. Ross Dunbar, N.D., is a licensed Naturopathic physician and Chinese medicine practitioner who has practiced in the Quad City area for the past seven years. He has studied and practiced alternative medicine since 1995 and is passionately committed to achieving wellness through various alternative modalities by accessing the body’s own innate ability to heal. Dr. Dunbar has achieved great results with his patients by listening empathically and thinking strategically, blending a broad array of traditional and cutting edge, alternative treatment methods.

Through a comprehensive clinical evaluation, including lab work and medical history, he creates a holistic treatment plan comprised of dietary, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations as well as any Chinese herbal medicines that may be appropriate. Modalities of treatment may also include acupuncture, homeopathy, musculoskeletal manipulation, IV nutritional therapy, injection therapy and prescription medication. Dr.  Dunbar works collaboratively to design a treatment plan that is realistic, achievable, and is in line with the patient’s needs and goals. For more information, Dr. Dunbar can be reached at the Prescott Naturopathic Medical Group, 810 W. Gurley St. Prescott, 928-445-1999. (photo by Ann Haver-Allen).














Acupuncturist, Miriam Benson has worked in the health-care field for almost 40 years. Her work experience includes pharmacy, anatomical pathology, nutrition, herbs, colon therapy, reflexology, acupuncture and oriental medicine. Acupuncture is a 4,000-year-old healing system that works on all levels (body, mind and spirit). It is this system that can provide a higher level of wellness to an individual and address many health issues from headaches, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel to relieving stress and anxiety and enhancing the immune system for general good health and well being.  Her passion for acupuncture is only surpassed by the joy she finds in helping people feel better. She can be reached at 928-710-2294. (photo by Ann Haver-Allen)




















Jane Kohner, nutritionist CCN. For many years, Jane Kohner has been known as a nutritionist with a background in the healing arts. Today, her Healing Winds office in the Granite Dells supports her community with an open-door policy that invites everyone in to personally participate in their own healing process. With sensitivity, she encourages one to open to levels of emotions that may be holding back a healing of the physical body.  Learn more about her practice by calling 928-445-4401. (photo by Ann Haver-Allen)




















Reiki is a practice of energetic healing in which the practitioner harmonizes the universal life energy with his/her own and the patient’s.  The word Reiki is of Japanese origin, combining the two words rei and ki to mean universal life energy. Often referred to as a “laying on of hands” technique, the practitioner may or may not physically touch the recipient as this is not necessary for the exchange of healing energy. The goal of Reiki is to identify and direct healing energy to the areas of imbalance in a person’s whole energy field, particularly as it pertains to the chakras and their influence upon a person’s health. The practice promotes relaxation, stress relief and experience of overall well-being as energetic imbalances responsible for physical and emotional issues are resolved. (Photo by Pia Wyer)